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It’s the middle of February, so we shouldn’t be surprised at the latest snowfall.

It’s the middle of February, so we shouldn’t be surprised at the latest snowfall, but, it is a bit depressing for everyone but the winter outdoorsy types, particularly those with ski passes.

It will inevitably result in another set of smallish crowds for the Smoke Eaters and Nitehawks, as local, “fans,” will undoubtedly latch on to the excuse to stay home and watch, “Big Bang,” rather than record it.

Too bad, too. The Nitehawks have a rivalry game against Nelson tomorrow and the Smokies are in the midst of a two-game home stand against other rebuilding clubs with which they have a chance to be fully competitive.

There is nothing crucial about any of the games – The Hawks and Leafs have finalized their playoff positions and Trail, Westside and Salmon Arm are all also-rans in the BCHL’s Interior Division.

That doesn’t mean the games won’t be hard fought and entertaining in both venues, it probably does mean that many fair weather fans won’t turn up to watch them, which hurts the home teams’ bottom lines.

Bit of a downer for the kids, too. So, turn up if you can.

*Now is the time for all good folks to come to the aid of local business, particularly downtown business.

Cedar Avenue will soon have three more empty storefronts, including two of the biggest buildings on the street. The changes will mean, among other things, that there will be no place in the downtown where residents of limited mobility can purchase basic clothing supplies, like socks, underwear, in-season coats and footwear.

If you have any ideas about this trend and how to reverse it, bring them forward. Harranguing people to, “shop local,” has very limited impact, so think of something else.

And do it quickly, because the former city business core is fast becoming a business graveyard.

One thing likely won’t change, however – it will still be quite difficult to find a parking place along there in the afternoon, even though there will be even fewer stores without customers in them, for whom the parking was intended.

*The Smokies did a pretty good job of neutralizing one of the top scoring duos in the BCHL when Prince George was in town, but couldn’t contain the runty Fitzgerald triplets, one of whom is Player of the Week in the league because of his exploits here. The flashy trio will be back in two weeks, during which time the Smoke Eaters could once again have a major impact on the playoff prospects of everybody involved except Penticton.

The golf course won’t be opening soon, so why not plan to catch some local hockey?

Don’t forget either, that KIJHL playoffs, prominently featuring league top-dog Beaver Valley, begin next weekend.