The times they are a changing

"It is Silver City Days and the sky is clear, the days warm and the evenings tolerable. That just never happens."

The world is changing drastically.

It is Silver City Days and the sky is clear, the days warm and the evenings tolerable. That just never happens.

Home of Champions folks who haven’t been paying attention might miss the event entirely, 50th Anniversary or not, just because it isn’t cold and rainy and they assume the festivities haven’t been scheduled for this date – even though that schedule has been in place for a long time.

So, tell all your friends. It is so Silver City Days. I don’t care what the weather channel says.

It is a bit of a bigger deal this year than most so it would be a shame if people missed it because the usual cues are not there.

•An even more momentous change in the way of the world has been announced. Beer League teams, some half a century old, may be kicked out of the sport if they, you guessed it, drink beer after games, just as they have for that entire half century.

First it was the fun-loving Swedes who banned alcohol from, of all things, a giant North American curling bonspiel. Then came arena/league operator Canlan Sports demanding that beer leagues give up beer, no matter who their sponsors were, or get out.

No word yet whether beer leagues will be required to change their official designation.

• I’m not saying that was the reason they so sucked as the Canucks were eliminated in a sweep, but the Sedin twins and Lars Edler have already arrived at the World Hockey Championship, where all three enjoy the game much more than they do the NHL. .

The bigger ice surface, greater emphasis on skill, and homier cooking are all attractants, and maybe they are just beyond battling through the rough and tumble of NHL playoff hockey and the iffy officiating that accompanies it.

The Canucks need to change to compete for the big pro prize. Evaluating their stars’ willingness and ability to accept the required challenges would be as good a place as any to begin.

• At least, as I write this, Barrett Jackman’s Blues are still in. The Beaver Valley Beast even has a rare (and game-winning) goal in that series. Down now, the Blues are a solid group, so, unlike the Laffs and the Habs, it is too early to count them out.