Three for three for Pride Gym

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A trio of Pride Gym fighters all scored big wins in Spokane over the weekend.

Sandy Bagg, Chris Luening and Jake Rudkoski all put their talents in the ring on Saturday night.

Bagg provided the quickest finish to the three bouts when he locked Jesse Shouter of Spokane in a rear naked choke just 70 seconds into his bout.

Shouter shot out of his corner looking to but Bagg on the defensive but the Pride Gym fighter escaped the early holds and quickly turned the tables on his opponent.

Rudkoski went up against Andy Frolic in a heavyweight battle with both fighters trying to land some big punches.

However, it would be kicks delivered by Rudkoski that brought Frolic down.

He ended the fight with a roundhouse kick to the head that dropped Frolic two minutes and 10 seconds into the first round.

It took 50 seconds into the second round of Luening’s bout against Chris Sparks before the referee stepped in.

Luening dominated the first round taking Sparks down and raining down punches.

The second round began much the same way with Sparks unable to break free and forcing the referee to stop the fight.