Trail Hockey Club Society goes online with 50/50

Smoke Eaters fans can still support the Trail Hockey Club Society by getting their 50/50 online

Trail Hockey Club Society goes online with 50/50

With the start of the Trail Smoke Eaters exhibition season looming, and no fans allowed at their games, the Trail Hockey Club Society (THCS) came up with an innovative way to keep fans invested in the games.

The non-profit society, which runs the 50/50 draw at Smoke Eaters games, has figured out a way to provide the popular raffle tickets to BCHL fans through a website.

“The Society, due to the virus and uncertain of a hockey season with actual ‘bums in the seats,’ has decided to test the online method of 50/50 draws,” said Society president Tom Gawryletz. “Whether you watch the games online or not, fans can access the 50/50 draw for five of the Trail Smoke Eaters exhibition games.”

The THCS acquired a BC Gaming licence to operate five draws between October and December with the draw dates Oct.12, Oct.26, Nov.16, Nov. 30 and Dec.21.

The website, created by a Vancouver company, is called, and is an online raffle-solutions platform that caters to nonprofit groups and fundraisers.

Each progressive draw will have a maximum prize of $18,880, which works out to $9,440 for the winner, if all tickets are sold. Tickets will be available approximately 10-12 days prior to the draw date.

While the winner enjoys half of the spoils, the other half goes back to the community in the form of scholarships for student/athletes and community donations.

“This is an example where our raised funds have been distributed,” added Gawryletz. “To continue this support, since hockey is our largest fundraiser and that is in question, we hope the online (50/50) will help.”

In the past three years, the THCS has contributed:

-48 scholarships totaling over $125,000.

– donations to Trail Little League and Minor Hockey

– donations to the food bank

– donation to the Humboldt Bronco bus accident

– donation to the Craig Cunningham foundation

– J L Crowe Basketball team

“We are asking every fan for support and ask that they contact their Social Media friends to pass the word along.”

Fans can access tickets as soon as Thursday, Oct. 1 by going online at

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