Trail KidSport hosts sport and culture fair

For the first time ever, KidSport is bringing community programs and groups together in one room.

For the first time ever, KidSport is bringing community programs and groups together in one room.

Betty Anne Marino, the chairperson for the KidSport organization in Greater Trail, says this kind of event is unprecedented in the area.

“We wanted to sponsor this event as a way to help bring community groups together in one night where the community can come,” she said.

“It is something that is brand new. We knew this kind of thing happened in Castlegar, and we knew it was a raving success over there, so we said, why don’t we do it (here).”

There are over 25 groups registered to have displays at what is being called the Sport, Recreation and Culture Marketplace, and it isn’t limited to hockey teams and baseball.

“There are the minor sports groups, the various swim clubs, Trail gymnastics and the Beaver Valley Skating Club,” said Trisha Davison, treasurer for the Greater Trail KidSport. “Then we also have the culture groups: Trail and District Public Library will be there, the historical society and the Trail and District Arts Council.”

The Sea and Air Cadets, the Girl Guides and Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will also be set up to answer any questions parents may have or to register their kids.

Essentially, any group in the Greater Trail area has a chance to set up a table at the marketplace and showcase what they have to offer to families.

Marino says that KidSport hopes this year is a success and will create a model for next year’s marketplace to grow on.

“We are hoping that it builds up momentum so we can do it again next year,” she said. “WE want to give something back to the whole community. Our mandate is for children to grow and learn through sports and recreation and culture.”

Davison sees the event in the same way.

“It is to showcase all the carious thing that people and their families can participate in,” she said. “(It is) to bring all of those organizations under one roof, just as a celebration of what the region has to offer.”

The Sport, Recreation and Culture Marketplace is on Sept. 17 in the Trail Memorial Centre gymnasium in starting at 5 p.m.