Trail men’s retiree curling – Handley holds hot hand

The highlight of the night belonged to the Harvey Handley rink, who made a dramatic comeback in Trail Men’s retiree curling action.

The highlight of the night, so to speak,  belonged to the Harvey Handley rink, who made a dramatic comeback in Trail Men’s retiree curling action earlier this week.

The Serge Pasquali rink had a hot start against the Hanley quartet, getting two in the first, stealing another two in the second, with singles in the third and fourth ends.

Up 6-0 after four ends, the Pasquali side put it in cruise control, while the Handley side put it in overdrive and took one in the fifth end, stole three in the sixth, and one in the seventh to cut the lead to 6-5. With hammer in the eighth Pasquali had the advantage until the Handley rink hid two rocks behind a wall of guards. Left with a long tap-up for a tie or win, Serge’s rock overcurled and wrecked, giving a steal of two for Handley and an impossible 7-6 victory.

Lefty Gould faced Coke Koyanagi in a tight back-and-forth match. Going into the eighth end it was tied 5-5 with the Koyanagi rink holding hammer. The Gould team managed to bury a couple of rocks and keep them guarded throughout the end on its way to a 7-5 triumph.

Primo Secco’s team jumped out to a 4-0 lead after two ends over Brett Rakuson’s foursome. The Rakuson side scratched out singles in the next two ends to make the score 4-2, but could not complete the come back as they fell 7-4 to Secco.

In a game that had a lot of close shots, Cal McKerracher’s team was on the good side of the inch. Clare Coleman’s foursome, on the other hand, was on the wrong side of the inch. When the fog cleared the final score was McKerracher 16-5 over Coleman. (The McKerracher rink was last seen heading for the lottery counter.)

Frank Jorgensen faced Dan ‘the Bandit’ Horan. The Jorgensen foursome took one in the first with hammer and gave up two in the second withoutThe Horan team stole singles in the next six ends in an 8-1 Bandit win. (After handshakes, the Jorgensen team counted their fingers, just to be sure.)

Cliff Tysons foursome took on the Tom Hall rink on a sheet of ice that was fast and curled about six feet.

The Hall team was the first to trust the ice and took an early lead. With both teams regularly wrecking on guards it was whomever could get a rock or two buried that won the end.

After six ends the Tyson team conceded the game with the score 9 – 2 for Hall.