Trail Retiree men’s curling – curling comebacks the norm

Trail Retiree men’s curling - curling comebacks the norm

Sometimes the difference between two wins and no losses versus no wins and two losses can be as little as two shots. Just ask the curlers at the Trail Men’s Retiree Curling Club.

In last week’s action, the McKerracker rink held hammer in the eighth end tied with the Freschi rink.

Skip Satch Freschi made a nice hit and roll partially behind cover to lie shot rock.  But McKerracker came up big,  executing a perfect takeout and removing the Freschi rock to lie three and win the game 8-5.

In the Handley versus Tyson match, Tyson was down by three after six ends. But they battled back in the final two ends to score three and salvage a 6-6 tie.

In another match with another incredible turn of events, the Horan rink had Trozzo on the ropes, down 9-3 after six ends.

Yet Trozzo would not yield, as he scratched out six over the final two ends to tie the game at 9 apiece.

But the shot of the night has to go to Bill Jewitt. Facing the Siddall foursome and all tied up in the final end, Siddall sets up a nice end and is sitting with three rocks counting, and Jewitt throwing his final stone.

Incredibly, Jewitt makes a spectacular shot, taking out all three rocks and sitting one, to take the game 8-7.

But win or lose, the biggest highlight of the game comes after the last rock has been thrown and both teams sit together after the game and share stories.