Trail Wildlife Association: TWA goes online

The TWA is rallying local hunters, photographers and other interested parties to attend its Annual General Meeting next Thursday.

The Trail Wildlife Association (TWA) is rallying local hunters, fishers, outdoor enthusiasts, photographers, conservationists, and interested parties to attend its Annual General Meeting next Thursday, and pay a visit to its newly launched website.

The AGM will feature wildlife biologist and photographer Jakob Dulisse who will give a presentation on the Waneta conservation of reptiles at risk. Dulisse is a Nelson resident whose unique work ranges from studies of the Western skink to the mountain caribou and his photos and articles have appeared in various publications including British Columbia Magazine, Canadian Geographic, and BBC Wildlife.

TWA president Terry Hanik invites members and non-members to attend the AGM.

“We want people to know about the things we are involved with,” said Hanik. “You don’t have to be a hunter to get involved and join the club. We have different things going on, conservation projects and so on, but we need new people, young people.”

The TWA also manages the Casino gun and archery range and Fort Shepherd Land Conservancy which has benefitted  from the presence of Hanik as the Conservancy warden.

“It’s been a good year. No garbage dumping, and the people that use the area are respecting it. There’s people that are helping, they want to keep the area in good shape. They’ll pick up garbage if they see it, because they don’t want to see the area shut down. Compared to what it looked like five years ago, it looks great.”

The TWA began in 1926 as the Trail Rod and Gun Club and after almost 90 years, thanks to Ten Twenty-Three Media, it has at last built a bridge to the 21st century.

The TWA website highlights various projects the non-profit organization has undertaken over the years including the current refurbishment of the Murphy Creek Spawning Channel, conservation initiatives, and awards, offers important information on the rifle and archery range, special events, membership information and privileges, and fundraising initiatives.

“We needed to get the info out there,”  said Hanik of the website. “Everyone is welcome to go online and leave a comment. If they see anything or have a suggestion about how we can improve the site or about a project, we’d like them to tell us.”

The AGM goes Jan. 30 at 7:30 p.m. at the Local 480 building at 910 Portland St. in Trail. Visit to find out more about the Trail Wildlife Association.

Wildlife Awareness week is also on the horizon going Feb. 17-22 at the Waneta Mall.