‘Trophy Town’ director seeks help finding Trail images

‘Trophy Town’ director seeks help finding Trail images

Your images and films of Trail can be part of the ‘39 and ‘61 Smoke Eaters documentary ‘Trophy Town’

The makers of Trophy Town are asking Trail residents for help to complete their documentary film about the ‘39 and ‘61 Trail Smoke Eaters.

Trophy Town director/producer Robert Barrett is on the lookout for any photos, old films, and memorabilia related to the Smoke Eaters historic gold medal wins at the 1939 and 1961 World Hockey Championships, in addition to images from Trail’s past in general.

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The filmmaker contacted the Times asking for images that they’ll convert to current media files and return to the owners promptly.

The Toronto filmmaker already had someone offer their father’s old Super 8 movies of the games and parade, and says he “Would covet anyone’s imagery and pay for it to be converted to HD digital media.”

The filmmakers will be back in Trail Nov. 27-30 to cover the 70th Anniversary of the Trail Memorial Centre and attend a Smoke Eaters hockey game. A trailer of the film Trophy Town is also expected to be shown during the festivities.

Barrett, writer/producer Dave Alexander, and cinematographer David Cain visited Trail in the summer and again last month to stock up on film footage, and conduct interviews with many Trail residents, in particular players from the ‘61 Smoke Eaters like Cal Hockley, Norm Lenardon, Don Fletcher, Dave Rusnell, and Ed Cristofoli.

The City of Trail Museum and Archives provided a wealth of historical images and data, but Barrett’s unique view wants to personalize the film in a way never done before.

“Really this is a deep look back, but this is also a look at where we are now, and at the end of the day it’s about community,” explained Barrett. “So really it’s about a place, and we consider Trail a character in the film actually.

“This unique view from the past is invaluable to telling the story of the Smoke Eaters and Trail back in the day.”

Trail residents can contact the director of Trophy Town, Robert Barrett, through email at bobbarrett@rogers.com.


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