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Iaido practitioners Brian Mauchline and Brenda McLeod move smoothly through the motions of the traditional art of the Japanese sword.
West Kootenay girls softball

West Kootenay girls softball

Jim Bailey photo Salmo pitcher Rebecca Beaulieu slides safely into third base Sunday as her team the Salmo Salsa Seniors went on to beat the Beaver Valley team and eventually take the final against the Trail Steelers in the West Kootenay Girls Softball Tournament on the weekend.

Birchbank Golf Course groomed to greet golfers

Club pro Jeff Papillon poised for provincial championship

Stingrays make another big splash

The Trail Stingrays swam to first place for the second straight weekend as they dove into Creston for the Wave’s annual swim meet.

Honkers rain on O’s parade

The Trail Orioles’ erratic play seemed to mimic the weather on the weekend, as they suffered a deluge of runs in their first game Saturday, but came out scorching on Sunday.

Smokie Alumni - Canuck commits

Jeff Tambellini to join dad and Renney for fundraiser.
Eagles soar over Cardinals in Little League finale

Eagles soar over Cardinals in Little League finale

Trail Minor Baseball finished with a bang as the major playoff tournament at Andy Bilesky Park swung away on the weekend.

Coach satisfied with signings

The Trail Smoke Eaters lost one hopeful but managed to seal a number of deals with promising young players as they prepare for camp in August.

Jays split series with Lumberman

The Trail Jays continued their good play as they logged a doubleheader against the Coeur d’Alene Lumberman at Butler Park Tuesday night.

Baseball bonanza at Butler

I get it if you need to take every dry opportunity to hit your place at the lake. If that isn’t you, think about hitting the stadium, because baseball that is both entertaining and deserves your support will be all over Butler Park this weekend.