Photo: Lida Reeves

Photo: Lida Reeves

What you see … on a frosty Rossland day

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Lida Reeves shares these stills of a crystalline day she awoke to last week.

“I live in Rossland and woke up to a wonderland of frosty art all over the place,” said Lida. “It usually will melt off as the day progresses, but these pics were taken around 3:30 in the afternoon, and everything was still frozen in time. I swear the thread-like parts had gotten longer as the day went on,” she reminisced.

“The snow on the patio railing in particular looks like it could be a soft cuddly muff, and the snow on the fence tops looked like soft coconut Twinkies.


“The metal railings on our deck and the wooden fence slats outside were both sporting frosty “whiskers,” all awesome and beautiful! I’ve sent a pic of each as they were all so beautiful, and show the totality of objects that were sculpted by the frost.”


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Photos: Lida Reeves

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