Chic-ette Chartres has officially opened her home massage therapy business

Chic-ette Chartres has officially opened her home massage therapy business

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“I work to people's tolerance and comfort. I fully assess each patient." - Chic-ette Chartres, RMT.

Massage therapy can treat and help conditions that some may not think of and Chic-ette Chartres with Better Health Therapeutics Registered Massage Therapy in Fruitvale has the expertise and the experience to give her patients comfort, relaxation and relief.

After working in a spa environment, Chartres decided to make a go of it on her own in her home clinic and is looking to take on new patients.

She says massage therapy isn’t just about ambient music and 60 minutes of rest and relaxation.

Visiting Chartres at her clinic can also make day-to-day life easier for people suffering from painful and uncomfortable conditions.

“RMTs can do much more than you think,” she said. “I do joint mobilizations, lymphatic techniques, I can treat lipedema, maternity, prenatal and postnatal massage, do clay packs, salt scrubs (and much more).

“In some conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, we’re never going to make that go away, but I can improve your quality of life so that the pain is more tolerable and less frequent.”

Chartres also treats patients with conditions like Bell’s Palsy and fibromyalgia, making their daily lives a little easier.

Treatments are always customized to each patient and Chartres does an assessment before getting started and continued treatment can reveal

“I work to people’s tolerance and comfort,” she said. “I fully assess each patient.

“The first appointment includes a full body assessment and interviewing the patient to get a full history. As they continue care with me, I know what is going on with their body. There are things that we notice before a doctor will just because of the time we spend with patients.”

Even though she is just starting up her home business, Chartres has a list of loyal clients. Some drive from Rossland just to see her and others pass recommendations on to friends and family, but she is still taking new patients for treatment.

Those who want to book an appointment can call Better Health Therapeutics Registered Massage Therapy at 778-459-1RMT (1768) or email at