Girls day spa offers a touch of glamour to Greater Trail

A best friend team is bringing glamour to the area with a luxurious day spa for little girls.

A best friend team is bringing glamour to the area with a luxurious day spa for little girls celebrating a birthday or another milestone moment.

Studio Labelle special occasion day spa embraces pretty and pink with a party that gives young girls four and up an opportunity to relax, make girl talk and experience a fun day of beauty.

Set in Studio Labelle Dance in Fruitvale, a ballet studio owned by classically trained instructor Danielle Labelle, the girls are treated to manicures, pedicures and glam makeup by esthetician Lisa Frisk, who only uses quality, non-toxic products and tones down treatments to best suit a little girl’s needs.

“In a smaller community we don’t have all of the options that are in a big city,” said Frisk, who studied at Blanche Macdonald in Vancouver. “I think being able to bring that sort of big city experience to our kids is nice.”

Since she entered the beauty industry in 2002, Frisk said there are more requests by parents looking to treat their little girl to a relaxing spa treatment. However an onslaught of youngsters can’t always be accommodated at once.

That’s where Frisk and Labelle fit in. Their special occasion day spa is all about letting girls be girls and empowering them to feel beautiful at a young age.

Labelle’s flair for design is evident with fine details from plush robes and slippers the girls sport during their special treatments prior to taking part in an elegant tea party topped with a decadent cake and snacks.

The girls are also encouraged to create their own keepsake ­such as a jewelry box at the craft table to have something to remember their experience.

“There’s a high demand for entertainment for young kids and there’s not all that many options out there and this is as decadent and glamorous as it gets,” said Labelle.

“There is nothing more girly than a spa day.”

The business opportunity spurred from Labelle’s ballet studio when recital time captured the excitement her dancers felt during stage prep. But it was Frisk’s beauty experience that brought the idea to fruition.

“My passion is this age of girls,” said Labelle.

“I want them to experience ballet, I want them to experience culture and I want them to experience fun.”

Parties run at $395 for six girls and $30 each for additional guest.

Those interested in booking a party with Studio Labelle can do so by calling 367-6233 or online by visiting