Counsellor Joe McKinnon said there are ways to overcome symptoms that appear in a relationship that is no longer in the “honeymoon phase.”

Counsellor Joe McKinnon said there are ways to overcome symptoms that appear in a relationship that is no longer in the “honeymoon phase.”

Greater Trail couple promotes ‘high ground’ healing

Couple offers marriage counseling for relationships beyond 'honeymoon phase'

A husband and wife team is offering holistic healing in Greater Trail, inspiring individuals to mend their self-limiting beliefs, attitudes and habits so they may experience life at its full potential.

Former Quesnel residents Joe and Deb McKinnon have relocated to Trail, where they provide colon hydrotherapy, deep emotional counselling and teach meditation under one roof.

The couple is hosting an open house this Tuesday through Saturday, when residents are encouraged to pop in to find out more about their services.

High Ground Healing operates under the belief that physical, mental and spiritual health is all connected.

“A tendency in our Western society is to compartmentalize, to focus on one specific area,” said Deb. “Yet if you were to look at it from a broader sense you would see that a person’s health condition is tied into the financial condition, which is tied into their emotional well being, which is tied into their past, present and future.”

With about 20 years experience as a counsellor, Joe’s work centres around relationship building and finding a balance that can often be thrown off with change.

“I believe that what creates quality of life for any of us is how well or poorly we do relationships as an adult,” he said. “I work in feelings all of the time because that’s how you create permanent change, that’s how a person can move through something that’s been a debilitating issue.”

Providing a different perspective is often all someone needs to cause a shift, he said, and start living his or her life at a higher level.

The physical healing is where Deb fits into the operation.

She turned to colon hydrotherapy when her health was suffering and has now practiced the alternative healing for a year.

“It saved my life,” she said. “Once you get over the feeling that this is kind of uncomfortable, people actually find that it’s really very soothing and actually very comfortable.”

Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle infusion of water into the rectum, which flushes the entire colon of built up aged waste so it can function properly and heal.

A therapist monitors the water infused into the large intestine as well as the pressure, using precision equipment.

“During the process they get to evolve their sensitivity, they get to evolve their awareness of their body so over time that awareness helps them be more conscious of what’s actually going on in their body,” Deb explained.

This process provides relief from and prevents chronic constipation; it also helps remove stagnant fecal matter, thus eliminating bacteria and toxins to allow the colon to perform its natural absorption more effectively.

“A result of having a toxic colon could be long-term colitis, ulcers, Crohn’s disease and ultimately cancer can develop,” she said. “As a preventative measure before these things develop, this is really helpful.”

Deb also facilitates an eight-week meditation course that shows individuals how to incorporate meditation into their life.

Located in the Trail Eco Building at suite 101, 1000 Rossland Ave., High Ground can be reached at 512-1568. For more information, visit

A colon hydrotherapy session goes for $85 while counselling is $80 an hour. But during February and March, Joe is waiving the initial consultation fee.