Teck talks about new projects

Teck will unveil details on their two new capital projects — the No. 4 furnace project and the No. 1 acid plant.

Two new capital projects will be unearthed at Teck Trail Operations this year and people can get the dirt on them this Tuesday evening at an open house.

The plant will unveil details on their operation and two new capital projects currently underway — the No. 4 furnace project and the No. 1 acid plant — on Tuesday at The Riverbelle (1350 Esplanade) from 6-8:30 p.m.

The presentation and question and answer session will begin at 7 p.m.

In late September, 2011, Teck announced they would invest $210 million to recycle end-of-life electronic waste in Trail through the No. 4 furnace project, as well as construction of a slag fuming furnace and settling furnace.

The two furnaces will be situated at the southeast corner of the property, overlooking downtown and the Columbia River.

Last year just over 13,000 tonnes of “e-waste” was recycled in Trail, five years after Teck was designated as a reprocessing site of televisions, computers and other electronic items.

Around 500,000 man-hours of work will be involved in the No. 4 furnace project, meaning approximately 200 construction jobs over two years when the project is complete in 2014.

Teck has intimated it will “minimize” any environmental impact the project will have. In September, Teck’s Richard Deane said a “minor increase in some metal levels will be offset by no net increase in SO2 (sulfur dioxide).”

There will also be an increase in discharge levels to the Columbia River, expected to be within Teck’s existing permitted levels.

Teck employees will be in attendance to provide information, answer questions, and receive community feedback on the new projects.