UPDATE 7-Eleven spokesperson clarifies closure will be on June 27

Gas will still flow after 7-Eleven closes its doors

A spokesperson for 7-Eleven said the downtown site in Trail will be closing its doors on June 27, a week later than previously reported in the Trail Times

Clare Hamilton-Eddy, vice president of Peak Communicators, which has been providing information on the closure for the convenience store chain, said in an email that the downtown Trail location will close on June 27.

When 7-Eleven shuts its doors, site owner Chevron confirms the gas will still be flowing from the pumps.

Adrien Byrne, media contact for Chevron, says the only 24-hour gas station in Trail will remain open to customers.

“At the beginning, we may reduce it for a few hours here and there, but it’s likely, there will be a person on site 24 hours,” he said.

“We are going to keep the fuel operations running, but there may be a day or two that we are not able to sell fuel, just based on  logistics.”

Having a full time on-site employee at the station would allow customers to use all methods of payment to pay for gas rather than only using their debit or credit cards to pay directly at the pump after hours.

Those that want to grab a bag of chips and a pop after filling up the tank may be out of luck while negotiations between Chevron and potential store operators for the site are ongoing.

“I can’t give a time frame for the convenience store to open, but there is a plan,” said Byrne.

“We are looking for another operator to manage the site going forward and we are in negotiations, but they haven’t concluded yet and that operator would manage the convenience store and overall site.”

Byrne says there is also potential for the new managing operator to purchase the site, but no matter what, there will still be gas to pump.

“We might even reach an agreement where they would buy [the site] off of us or anything in between,” he said. “It’s all part of the discussion, but regardless, we will be selling fuel.”

Although the Chevron site has a convenience store in its future, Byrne says the timing would depend on condition of the site after 7-Eleven’s lease is up at the end of the month, even if they leave earlier than June 30.

“When 7-Eleven move out, we would expect that the building would be left pretty empty,” he said.

“It would take a while to do renovations, so it won’t be immediate, but there is a plan. If they leave earlier than that, we can’t actually do anything on the site because they will still have the lease. We have to wait until the lease expires.”

The future of employees at Trail’s 7-Eleven hasn’t been confirmed, but Laurie Smith, communications manager for 7-Eleven Canada says transfers could potentially be the next step.

“Where ever possible, we have been successful at transferring staff to other locations,” she said in an email reply.