Adventure and challenge

Trail cadets get experience of their young lives at Cold Lake Cadet Summer Training Centre this summer

Three cadets from Trail are experiencing a summer of adventure and challenge at the Cold Lake Cadet Summer Training Centre.

Alex Stansfield, 16, is a cadet flight sergeant, while Cameron Hossack, 17, and Jordan Hansen, 18, are warrant officer second classes at the 531 City of Trail Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron.

These cadets were hand chosen by the Commanding Officer of the training center, to take care of the youth that would be on course this summer.

All three cadets have been at the training centre since July 1 and they were awarded the ranks of sergeant on July 6. By the end of the summer they will have developed their leadership and teamwork abilities, as well as new ways to deal help each other out.

Stansfield works in the canteen. His job is to sell snacks and camp memorabilia to any personal on base that wished to have it. He also ensures that the canteen is a safe and fun environment for the cadets to relax and enjoy themselves in after training.

Hansen was not to far away from him in Training Center Operations. She ensures that the rules are abided by and that the base is safe at all times for the cadets and other personal that work with the cadets.

Hossack lived in the survival half of the base as support staff. His duties included moving equipment around so it is at the proper location before the cadets are, and he also helps the flights when ever it is needed of him.

As they embark on these adventures, they are placed in leadership roles where their ability to motivate and guide their peers is assessed by adult instructors.

Those instructors include officers of the Cadet Instructors Cadre, a group of Canadian Forces officers who specialize in working with young people to implement the cadet program.

Stansfield, Hansen and Hossack will return to Trail in mid-August and bring their experiences and added skills back to their friends and family and apply them in their future endeavours.

The Cadet Program is a national youth development program which aims to grow in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership, promote physical fitness, and stimulate the interest of youth in the sea, land and air activities of the Canadian Forces.

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