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Bands ready to rock The Spot

Local teens perform free concert for charity
Heidi Evans

A free concert spearheaded by Greater Trail youth hits The Spot parking lot this weekend with proceeds going to a local charity.

The Trail restaurant is acting as a venue for the youth-organized event that will not only highlight young talent but will support People Loving People (PLP), a non-profit organization that rescues, repairs and redistributes goods both in the community and in developing countries around the world.

“We’re one of the few places in town that has a parking lot. I’m hoping to make a big mess, to have it spill out into the street,” laughed Heidi Evans, owner of The Spot.

“I’d love to see something like this continue with the merchants downtown, where we can fund events for the community of Trail, offering it of course for free with proceeds going to local charities, while giving exposure to awesome talent that we have at our fingertips,” she added.

After her son’s band (Inflection) took advantage of the downtown location for an outdoor concert last year, the seed was planted but the idea to support a charity grew into a much larger concept when Inflection guitarist Michael Plamondon connected with People Loving People’ Gail Pighin.

“What I thought was the best part of it was I had this young man promoting his band and finding a way, an outlet, in which he could draw people in the community to find out how talented youth are while at the same time finding a way to support a charity,” she said.

Starting in 1992, People Loving People has survived mostly on money donated from other organizations but does make some profit from its thrift store. In connection with social service organizations, the “community within a community” provides opportunities to individuals with barriers.

“We have a very large group of marginalized people that volunteer at PLP,” said Pighin.

“It provides them with a place to come and learn skills, to social network and they really believe in what they’re doing, as well.”

The musical lineup Saturday from noon until 6:30 p.m. not only includes the newly formed metal cover band Inflection but also features Laela Heidt, Jake Lesiuk and Ty Wright, Amber Oosthuyzen and Speak of The Unknown – which serves a fusion of garage rock, punk and rockabilly in one.

Speak of The Unknown – made up of bass player Cameron Coe, Ty Wright on guitar and vocals, and Brennan Whyte on drums – has just released its newest album, Diabolic.

“It has a lot to do with the things we see around Trail or the things we see in our everyday life, like there is a song about HST,” explained Coe.

Proceeds from their album will also go toward PLP and can be purchased at the merchandise table at the event.

Residents interested in taking in an afternoon of live music are asked to bring their own lawn chair.

Door and raffle prizes will be up for grabs, too, with gifts donated by local businesses.

For more information on the event, visit, or check out the Spot’s Facebook page.