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Beautiful birds of the lower Columbia Basin

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A Yellow Warbler. Photo: David Dudeck

When David Dudeck went on a walk at the far end of Waneta last week he was fortunate to cross paths with a bevy of feathered friends perched in the lush landscape.

“I was (near) the Trail airport and came across a bird hopping around near the river. I believe it is a Killdeer. Cute, eh?” Dudeck began.

“There was a competition for interesting birds.”

On the same walk by the airport, Dudeck spotted an interesting looking bird with blue and brown feathers that he speculates may be a Mountain Bluebird.

“Also on the colourful side, I send a photo … of what seems to be a Yellow Warbler. I took this photo earlier this week while walking through Gyro Park,” he adds.

“It was a good week for colourful birds.”

This cute little Killdeer was spotted at the shoreline near the Trail airport. Photo: David Dudeck
This may be a Mountain Bluebird. Photo: David Dudeck

Sheri Regnier

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