Bidding over opponent’s takeout double

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The bidding: North, with 13 points, no five-card major and longer diamonds than clubs, opens one diamond. East has sixteen points and could either double or overcall one notrump. He chooses to double with the intention of raising partner’s response to show sixteen or more points. Double is better than a one notrump overcall in this case because diamonds are only stopped once and he is four-four in the majors.

If South has 10 or more points he would redouble, implying no fit. This is shown in next week’s column. Because a redouble was not used, a new suit at the two-level is no longer ten or more points. It just shows a good five-card or longer suit. It also asks partner, “please do not bid diamonds again.”

The contract: Two clubs by South

The opening lead: The six of diamonds.

This is fourth best. The nine is top of an interior sequence, but the top of an interior sequence is only led when there are more than one honour involved and usually is a lead against a notrump contract. Partner would read the nine as a doubleton, singleton or top of nothing.

The play: Declarer loses the king of diamonds on the opening lead and East exits with the queen of spades. West wins the ace and returns a spade. Declarer is ahead of the defense because of the diamond lead and pitches a spade on the good queen of diamonds.

Leading small from a jack fourth or jack fifth, as seen here, is a poor lead.

South loses one spade, two hearts, one diamond and a club. If declarer were to lose two spades, he would only lose one heart. Defense cannot do everything.

The result: Two clubs by South making for +90.


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