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Don’t miss Weiner Takes All dog races at Red Mountain on April 1

All breeds are welcome to participate in a

Red Mountain is inviting all dogs and their human friends to the annual Wiener Takes All Dog Race on Easter Monday, April 1.

But is the race reserved only for the adorable and diminutive wiener variety?

“No!” says Melissa Thompstone, RED’s event manager.

“Big, small, fluffy, tall — we take them all.

“We have nine different heats total, where we organize the dogs of similar breed, age, weight and speed. The top two dogs from each heat advance to the finals, except the Underdog and Seniors Categories — where the top two are the wieners!”

The wiener dog race started three years ago when Thompstone was talking with event staff and discussing the healthy population of canines in Rossland.

“Someone then mentioned how they had attended the wiener dog race at the Smokies game and we thought, why not run a downhill dog race for all the dogs of Rossland, and beyond, at the ski hill? And there it was …”

The brain storming ignited a stampede of dogs dragging their caretakers to the hill, as the first two years have seen an overwhelming response.

“Since inception, the wiener race has been a community favourite,” said Thompstone. “Both years have sold out with 100 dogs in year one, and 110 last year.”

Event organizers are introducing a new “Underdog” category this year, and will be welcoming back the “Old Yellers” senior category.

“We hope to hit a record of 125 dogs!”

Thompstone says the sheer variety of breeds, and their quirky personalities coming together in one place make it an experience you don’t want to miss.

“You never know what the pups will do, some are incredibly focused, others just want to play, some get stage fright and some just decide to shine and do their own thing.

“It is a fast-paced event with our furry friends with tones of great prizes,” she adds.

“In a town where dogs almost outnumber humans, why not bring their favourite sport together with their favourite friends at RED?”

Categories include: Underdog category (for those dogs that want to participate but their breed may not agree), Old Yellers (for those older pups with some pep still in their step), Teenie Weenies, Puppy Suckies, Little Licky Links, Terrain Park Franks, Pokey Smokies, Fat Brats, and the Big Dawgz.

Interested paw-ticipants can check out the RED website for details and registration: go to

Entry fee is $22 with a chance of winning $500+ worth of cool dog swag. Not only do the Top 3 dogs win, but there are plenty of other prizes to giveaway.

The race starts around 5 p.m. and goes on Monday, April 1 down the Magic Carpet slope at Red. But spectators can come earlier for a beverage and a hot dog, while welcoming the canine competitors.

Participants are asked to be there around 3 p.m. for a doggy bag, treats and bib pick up.

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