Jean Boyczuk

Jean Boyczuk

Family Day – Province gets first taste of new holiday

A break from the winter blues is on its way with the nearing of the B.C.’s first Family Day today.

After 31 years of making brides’ dreams come true, Jean Boyczuk is going to embrace an extra Monday off this year.

A break from the winter blues is on its way with the nearing of the B.C.’s first Family Day on Monday.

“My day off is going to be spent enjoying my grandchildren,” said Boyczuk, owner of The Gift Shop on Spokane Street in downtown Trail.

While various Greater Trail events are planned for the week leading up to the inaugural day, the day itself may be a quiet one.

Banks, clinics, and most businesses will be closed or operating with reduced hours.

“The arena is closed and we don’t have activities planned, but the pool will be open from noon until 5 p.m.,” said Lisa Manaigre, recreation coordinator for Trail’s Aquatic and Leisure Centre.

Brenda Perry is looking forward to a day of tea and relaxation on her first February holiday since becoming a business owner in downtown Trail.

“It’s going to be so nice just to get up on a Monday morning, sit back with a cup of tea and do jack squat,” said Perry, owner of Trail Optical.

The good news for those with a need for speed is Red Mountain’s offering of 50 per cent off day lift tickets.

The promotion is for residents of B.C. only, and valid identification is required when purchasing a ticket, said Mika Hakkola, communications manager for the resort.

The statutory holiday was implemented last year by Premier Christy Clark as part of her family first platform.

As the name implies, the holiday is meant to give families an extra day off to spend together.

It also bridges the long stretch between Jan. 1 and Easter.

Although Perry is happy “just to have a Monday off”, she does counter that having a different day off than the rest of Canada is sort of silly.

Perry is referring to the fact that the only province to mark the second Monday in February as a day off from the daily grind.

People in Alberta, Manitoba (Louis Riel Day), Ontario, Prince Edward Island (Islander Day) and Saskatchewan all have the third Monday off.

“I’d be a week early if I wanted to go visit the kids in Alberta,” she quipped.