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Fevers: In most cases they are a good thing

The last article I wrote dealt with certain supplements and herbs that help you get over those colds and flus more effectively.

The last article I wrote dealt with certain supplements and herbs that help you get over those colds and flus more effectively.

One of the immune responses from the body when it is exposed to a bacteria, virus or fungus is an increased temperature. The body elevates the core temperature to help kill off the offending bug, since most bacteria and viruses can’t survive in elevated temperatures. I like to see the body respond by raising it’s temperature to about 37.7-38.3 or 100-101F. At this temperature the body can kill off most bugs. If a child tends to run a high fever of 38.8 or above (102F or above) there is a chance of a febrile seizure. These have not been shown to be damaging to the child, but, is obviously very distressing for the caregivers, so, if you know your child runs a high fever, just run a bath at about 37.7-38.3 or 100-101F & put the child in the bath so they will mount a temperature, but, not too high to create a seizure. Usually the child will create enough of a fever to kill off the bug, but, will not go above that. The body learns that the temperature is high enough, so, it’s a way of re-programming their system, so, they create an appropriate response, rather than over-reacting. Once the body knows how to respond, it will do that every time. I’ve had many children in that had high fever responses and now react properly.

Another response is mucous. The body will create mucous to surround the bacteria, virus or fungus, so, it will be less likely to harm the person. It is like wrapping yourself in a blanket. It not only helps keep you warm and cozy, but, it creates a protective layer form drafts. It also gives the body the ability to move the irritant out by being more slippery. So, I always tell my patients, if they have phlegm to release it as much as they can, whether that is by coughing, blowing the nose or wiping and doing sinus washes, mustard plasters or castor oil packs.

Since sinus washes are the most common release of mucous from the sinuses and clear the head so quickly, I thought that would be a best one to share with you. So, here are the directions:

Supplies needed: face cloth/ hot water / cold gel pack

1. Soak one face cloth in hot water. Wring it out so the water is not dripping.

Place the face cloth over your nose and eyes and leave for 3 minutes.

2. Replace the face cloth with the frozen gel pack for 30 seconds.

3. Repeat this alternating technique 2 more times for Three times in all

So, Hot 3 minutes, cold 30 seconds & follow with the sinus wash:

1. Mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt with 1 cup of distilled water.

2. Use a spray bottle, tablespoon, dropper, or bulb syringe and inhale through one nostril. Spit out the fluid through your mouth. Start with 1 teaspoon of the mixture, and repeat about 5-6 times. Repeat with the other nostril. Keep your head straight so the mixture does not run down your throat.

3. Do this in the morning and evening.

So, allowing the body to respond appropriately and by using what is needed to help get rid of the offending bacteria, virus or fungus, your immune system will learn what it needs to do in the future.

Dr. Brenda Gill is a naturopath in Rossland. For an appointment call 250-362-5035 or 250-352-3150