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Graffiti grandpas?

Volunteers are stepping up in memory of Ev Cross, Trail’s OG “Graffiti Granny”
L-R: Glenn Wallace and Keith Smyth are volunteering their time to cover graffiti defacement in memory of their friend Ev Cross, Trail’s founding “Graffiti Granny.” Photo: Lynn Callender

“While on a walk last Wednesday I came across these awesome citizens, Glenn Wallace and Keith Smyth, getting ready to paint over graffiti under the Trail bridge,” shares Lynn Callender.

As part of Trail Communities in Bloom (CiB), a group of dedicated volunteers traditionally called, “Graffiti Grannies” took up the challenge of eliminating graffiti as it appears on rock walls, sidewalks, boulders, rocks at Gyro Park and inside the many covered staircases on Trail’s hillsides.

Graffiti Grannies was started 20 or-so years ago by Ev Cross, a dedicated Trail CiB volunteer who sadly passed away in September. Now, other good-hearted volunteers are stepping up to the plate in Ev’s memory.

“She was a heck of a lady, I got to talk to her quite often, such fun and a bundle of energy,” Keith Smyth reminisced. “Glenn worked with Ev for the longest time, I’m the rookie.”

To help cover material costs, donations for paint and cleaning supplies have come from various businesses over the years.

“Also, David Moorhead (Trail grounds and roads superintendent) supports our ‘backs’ with paint and brushes and the like,” Smyth added. “And, of course, thanks to all who provide moral support.”

Glenn Wallace mentions the Graffiti grandpas are looking for new members.

And he shares his memories of Ev.

“In a late August note to Keith and I, Ev said ‘Just a note to thank you all for continuing the graffiti work. I have fallen in love with this beautiful town and I hope with the help of volunteers and the city you can keep ahead of the Graffiti vandals.

“I promised her I would.

“Her passion and dedication to her cause for so many years were unparalleled and we’ll miss her greatly. I think of her every time I go out to bust some new graffiti and I see signs that she has been there before, covering up some earlier graffiti,” Glenn shares.

“RIP Ev. I miss ya’.”

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