Last year’s Selkirk College Nursing students in Guatemala. Submitted photo

Last year’s Selkirk College Nursing students in Guatemala. Submitted photo

Help send Selkirk nursing students to Guatemala

The Rice and Beans Fundraiser goes Saturday 6 p.m. in the Trail United Church

Great food, company, and a common purpose – all of this is offered in a festive Guatemalan Annual Beans and Rice Dinner to be held at 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 3 at Trail United Church on Pine Avenue.

Once again, great community support is making it possible for a group of Selkirk College Nursing students to travel to Guatemala to participate and learn more about grassroots Community Health projects.

The students will be travelling to Chenaulta, El estor, Nuevo Horizonte, La esmeralda, and Antigua.

Previous groups visited urban area free-trade zones, highland villages where community health and well-being is being affected by Canadian mining operations, and also the remote north-eastern jungle region of the country, where government health services are almost non-existent.

It was a privilege and most heart-warming experience for everyone. Those who were part of this journey will present their impressions at the dinner. Their stories bring to life the incredible resilience, capacity, and creativity of the Guatemalans they encountered, and how they are actively confronting the formidable challenges to health that they face.

“In our work and sharing with these people, we learned so much. They’re making such determined efforts in their communities to promote health as a basic human right, and to bring about positive social change. They are doing so much with so little,” say the students.

The event is the first major fundraising effort in Trail to send the next group south this coming spring. Cost is $15 at the door, and children are welcome.

If you have further questions about this event, please feel free to contact Tayler Dixon (250) 231.4780.