Invitational cuebid

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The bidding: South has only eleven points, but his 6-4 distribution rates an opening. Since hearts are six cards, he can rebid them if partner bids notrump or a minor. If partner bids one spade, he would be quite happy to raise partner to two spades.

West overcalls two clubs which is a good lead and also a good suit with which to compete. North has a limit raise (or better) and cuebids clubs. This shows support. South has no interest in game opposite a limit raise and bids three hearts. North has no more than a limit raise and passes.

The contract: Three Hearts by South

The opening lead: The ace of clubs

The play: East plays a small club on partner’s ace showing an odd (three) number of cards. West does not want to make dummy’s queen good, so he switches to the jack of diamonds. Declarer wins the ace in dummy and draws trump. When West wins the ace of trump, he plays a diamond. Defense gets one club, one diamond and one heart. Declarer makes three hearts with an overtrick.

The result: Three Hearts making four for +170

Notes: -East has club support but does not have the points to show support.

-A cuebid when partner has made an overcall does not promise support, but a cuebid when partner has been overcalled does promise support.