Danné Mykietyn recently moved her DandiLion Wellness Centre to Rossland Ave. Her focus through education

Danné Mykietyn recently moved her DandiLion Wellness Centre to Rossland Ave. Her focus through education

Kicking the February blues with spice & exercise

With spring still one month away, there are a few simple tricks to help lift the February blues.

Blue skies and sunshine have probably turned a lot of frowns upside down in the Greater Trail area this month.

But with spring still one month away, there are a few simple tricks to help lift the February blues for those still feeling the sting of winter.

Danné Mykietyn from DandiLion Wellness Centre says “spice up your life to elevate your mood.”

“Several new studies have reported that some common kitchen herbs are actually powerful mood boosters in disguise,” she explained. “Add them to your foods or steep them into a brewed tea.”

She suggests adding turmeric into the diet. The herb is a perennial plant of the ginger family, and has been receiving much buzz in the media this year as an effective nutritional supplement.

“Turmeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory,” noted Mykietyn. “And the yellow colour of curcurmin in this spice is what makes it an antidepressant.”

Another is saffron, which in Eastern healing systems, is viewed as a potent mood elevator without side effects, she added. “Sage is another that can lift your spirits, improve mood and cognitive performance and memory.”

One activity that can produce feelings of wellness is available to just about anyone – get outside and enjoy the weather.

“Just a little sunshine (Vitamin D),” she noted. “And a quick brisk ten minute walk in the fresh air with nature will do wonders as well.”

Mykietyn is a proponent for optimizing brain health through biochemistry and advance nutrient therapy. The science-based nutrient therapy system is based on natural substances rather than pharmaceutical drugs. The approach recognizes that nutrient imbalances can alter brain levels of key neurotransmitters, disrupt gene expression or proteins and enzymes and cripple the body’s protection against environmental toxins.

“Our professional services enable our clients to escape the stresses of everyday life,” said Mykietyn. “As we partner with them to achieve self-care habits that challenge and support their individual expectations for improved health and wellness.”

Her advance nutrient therapy is integrative, and provides individualized treatment of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to rebalance the brain’s biochemistry. The advantage being that the advanced treatment has been proven a safe and effective approach to improved wellness.

She maintains that healing begins from the “inside out,” but the process takes a personal investment of time and energy.

“Our focus through education is to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative medicine for optimal health and well-being,” Mykietyn explained. “Our clinicians are committed to provide ongoing seminars about leading edge concepts in wellness and whole body health.”

Other therapies she suggests that can push away the doldrums include using art, such as origami, to reconnect the right and left brain hemispheres; music therapy, which can be as simple as playing your favourite tunes and dancing around the kitchen; and wearing bright clothes especially on grey days,is a simple form of colour therapy.

Besides nutritional consulting, Mykietyn is a registered dental hygienist and offers preventative dentistry including teeth whitening and custom thermoform mouth guards; massage; and detox treatments including infrared sauna.

The latter is available at the DandiLion site, and is much different from conventional saunas.

“These promote a balancing of your hormones through your autonomic nervous system,” she explained. “Thereby decreasing stress, improving mood and fighting seasonal depression by triggering endorphins (a natural euphoric) in your body.”

Mykietyn recently moved her services from Rossland to Trail, and is now located in Suite A at 1000 Rossland Ave. For more information visit dandilionwellness.com or call 778.456.0053.