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Laser focused: the human photocopier

7 Summits: Educational environment allows students to be themselves and do what they enjoy
Seven Summits student Myka Bretfeld advises to follow your passions and see where they lead. (Tara Hauck photo)

Ambition to achieve requires a vision for what is possible.

Starting the final year of high school, with the primary aim of graduating, Myka Bretfeld needed guidance and support.

“My only goal at Seven Summits was to graduate,” said Bretfeld. “I had been to many other schools in the area, but I fell off the pace and wanted to drop out. 7S changed that for me.

“I am not much of a people person, so the social aspect of high school doesn’t appeal much to me; I only want to finish high school to prove I can. 7S is an educational environment that allows students to be themselves and do what they enjoy. With the guidance of the staff, I show up and get the work done,” concludes Bretfeld.

During her Capstone project, which is a graduation requirement, Bretfeld decided to do a drawing project. She does not consider herself a creative person, yet her ability to copy her vision to paper is remarkable.

“I find it difficult to draw any creative ideas of my own, but I have been called the human photocopier to draw what I see from fiction or reality,” said Bretfeld.

Bretfeld’s mentor, who coined the nickname “the human photocopier,” was a previous art teacher. Bretfeld’s mentor affirmed that it is a special talent to be able to look at a photograph and draw a nearly identical likeness on paper, and that Bretfeld’s talent is a memorable and rare talent indeed.

Bretfeld doesn’t have exact plans for after high school, but she shows tremendous interest in tattooing.

“I have seen many tattoos, and often I think – wow, I can do that, only maybe better. This is a great outlet for my drawing and doesn’t require me to have original ideas; just draw what customers ask for identically,” said Bretfeld. “I can definitely do that.”

To support this idea, Bretfeld has begun the process of making local connections.

“I started at 49 Tattoos and planned to stop into other tattoo artists to get their points of view and ways to get started in the industry. At first, I thought I would want to be a cartoonist or anime artist, but this looks like a much better option for my talents,” continues Bretfeld. “After all, the tattoo industry is growing, and I am keen to learn how to provide this service.”

Bretfeld’s advice to those struggling to stay in school or feel that they just don’t know what it’s all about is: “If you are lost in the world, follow your passions and see where they lead.”

It is likely Bretfeld’s passions will guide her well if her drawings, such as the one, are any indication.

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Author: Tara Hauck, Marketing Coordinator Seven Summits Centre for Learning.

About us: Seven Summits Centre for Learning is an exceptional public high school experience that offers a blended learning model for grades 8 through 12 in Rossland.

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