Lost-and-found wallet opens for Cops for Kids

Ms Enslin lost her wallet in Trail in December; she returned this week to donate to a police charity

(From left) Tim Horton’s Miranda Irving, Rosemarie Enslin, Cpl. Ryder Heim, and Tim Horton’s Ashley Yaworski.

(From left) Tim Horton’s Miranda Irving, Rosemarie Enslin, Cpl. Ryder Heim, and Tim Horton’s Ashley Yaworski.

Whether you call it karma or paying it forward, one thing is for sure – the return of a lost wallet back in December brought good people together.

And it’s going to help make a difference for a child in need.

The story began when Rosemarie Enslin, of Calgary, was passing through Trail just days before Christmas. After stopping for a hot lunch at Tim Hortons on Highway 3B, Enslin drove up to a Rossland bed and breakfast with plans to hit the road to the coast in the morning.

Things didn’t go so smoothly, however.

It was dusk when Enslin discovered she had lost her wallet somewhere between the two cities, mostly likely in the Trail restaurant or its adjoining parking lot.

Panicked because the wallet held all her ID, credit cards, holiday cash and lottery tickets, Enslin contacted the restaurant and police in hopes of tracking it down.

After a few very unsettled hours and no luck, Constable Ryder Heim from the Greater Trail RCMP called her with some good news – someone had turned the wallet in.

Enslin contacted the Trail Times the following day expressing her gratitude to Cpl. Heim, who drove her wallet to Rossland late that blizzardy night, and to the unknown person who turned the wallet in.

But the storyline doesn’t end there.

It turns out Enslin won $32 from those Christmas lottery tickets. So she wanted to make a donation to Cops for Kids, a foundation whereby police fundraise to help children that have suffered a medical, physical or traumatic crisis.

After Sunday night‘s pile-up on the Coquihalla and closure of Highway 1 near Golden for avalanche control, Enslin decided to brave the mountainous route back to Alberta and swing by the city (she’s been at the coast since December).

The plan was to drive to Trail, wallet firmly in hand, on Wednesday. She was determined to meet up with Cpl. Heim in the place where it all began, Tim Hortons, and present the donation there.

That did happen, though she added three more bills and gave $332 to Cops for Kids.

“The saga continues,” Enslin told the Times Thursday.

“I drove through a massive very wet snowstorm on a slippery Highway 3B to get to Trail, it took seven hours from Hope on Highway 3 and 3A,” she explained. “I was pretty well stranded in Trail because all rooms were sold out, due to the same massive storm.”

Again, her shining knight in a white RCMP truck came to the rescue.

“Constable Heim escorted me to Castlegar where I was able to find a room for the night,” said Enslin.

She was on her way home Thursday, and left the City of Trail this last message.

“All the best and I hope spring comes soon to your special part of the world,” Enslin added. “I’ll be back, but only in warmer weather!”

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