North south vulnerable

North south vulnerable

Mexican two diamond opening revisited

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In last week’s column, we saw that there are three responses to partner’s Mexican two diamond opening. Two hearts is a transfer to two spades, two spades is a relay to two notrump with three or less spades, and three clubs directly is Stayman with seven or more points and exactly four spades. Stayman and transfers also occur after partner has been relayed to two notrump.

In addition to these responses, there is a two notrump bid which is a transfer to three clubs to be passed. Partner will transfer to clubs with any weak hand, less than seven points, and six clubs, or a weak hand with five clubs that has poor notrump playing ability. Your other option for a weak hand is to transfer to two notrump and pass.

In summary for weak hands: With a weak hand with four or more diamonds, you pass two diamonds. With a weak hand with five or more clubs, you bid two notrump directly after partner’s two diamond opening. With a weak hand with five or more spades, you transfer to two spades and pass. With a weak hand in hearts, you must first relay to two notrump and then transfer partner to hearts and pass. Weak hands in clubs or hearts must play at the three-level unfortunately.

The bidding: North has a four-triple-three eleven count. He takes away one point for being flat and passes. There are hands with eleven points that I will open but they have no wasted points and a good distribution, either a six-card suit or a five-four in distribution or better.

Partner has a balanced 18 points and opens two diamonds. North alerts and because he has three or less spades, he bids two spades as a relay to two notrump. Partner obliges. North then bids Stayman showing four-hearts and partner bids three spades showing his four card spade suit which North has already denied so North signs off in three notrump.

The lead: West leads his fourth best heart.

Result: East never gets in the lead to lead a club so declarer will make ten tricks, four spades, two hearts, four diamonds and no clubs.

3NT+1    +630

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