Police respond to incident downtown Trail

RCMP responded to a call Tuesday morning involving an area male acting erratically.

The Trail & Greater District RCMP responded to call just before 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning reporting a male in the area of Bay Ave. and Victoria St. of downtown Trail acting erratically yelling, waiving his hands and pointing a handgun.

Witnesses provided a description of the male and his last known direction of travel, which aided in the police immediately locating the 35-year-old male near by.

Due to the nature of the call, a highrisk arrest was safely conducted and a subsequent search of the male resulted in police locating a rock the shape of a handgun.

The male had been holding this rock in the same manner as someone holding a pistol, which had caused the witnesses reported it as such.

The male was taken to an area health facility for mental health assessment.  Criminal charges are not being recommended in this situation.