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Students, teachers join forces in cancer fundraiser

Students from J. Lloyd Crowe Secondary School broke a fundraising goal while learning about a Canadian hero last month.

Students from J. Lloyd Crowe Secondary School broke a fundraising goal while learning about a Canadian hero last month.

In four days the students of J. L. Crowe Secondary School were able to raise just over  $1000 for cancer research. Then on the last day of fundraising the students took part in a 5K run in memory of Terry Fox on Sept. 16.

“Our goal was a $1000, last year we raised about $900 it was so was nice to exceed that,” said Colin Adamson, teacher at J.L. Crowe and organizer of the fundraiser.

Every morning students would be taught something new about Terry Fox and his accomplishments in life.

“We did that through documentary video clips we still have at the school and we showed them during our morning youtube announcements,” commented principal Dave DeRosa. “We did this during the week leading up to the Terry Fox Run.”

All fundraising was done during classes.

“Each classroom had a jar and students would donate money whenever they felt the need,” said Adamson.

For a little incentive some teachers made wagers with the students. If classrooms raised more than $100 the students could shave the heads of a few teachers.

One class took the wager a little further. Arjan Van Asselt told his History 12 class that if they raised over a $150 they would be given near complete control of his appearance for a day.

On the final day of fundraising the students counted $151 dollars in the jar. Adamson described Van Asselt’s final appearance as having  “a dress, a big Viking hat, make-up on and a wig.”

The event was a huge success and students were taught about the importance of Terry Fox and all that he accomplished.

“When they (students) see the videos of Terry Fox and what he was about. They reached into their pocket and gave a dollar or so, it was amazing to see”, said Adamson.

The outcome of the fundraiser is contributed to the enthusiasm of both students and teachers.

“We make it as much of celebration of life and success in the battle against caner and emphasize that,” said DeRosa. “The kids have a historical connection and understanding of who Terry Fox was and what he did.”

Each member of the school was involved and the students understood the reasons to celebrate Terry Fox’s life.

Nearly 800 students and facility embarked on the 5k run and walk.

“It was great to be running back and see the whole school walking, smiling and high-fiving one another,” said Adamson.