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Summer youth club offers variety for Beaver Valley teens

“Bats, Bees and Birds” is next on the list of programs planned for teens in the region.

Beaver Valley’s summer youth club will be focused on helping the environment and some crucial winged wildlife over the next couple of weeks.

“Bats, Bees and Birds” is next on the list of programs planned for teens in the region.

Tammy Gallamore, responsible for communications for the Village of Fruitvale, says this activity will help teach the kids more about becoming involved in their community, while also having a good time.

“Bats are so important to the environment,” she said. “(The activity) also brings out the idea of volunteerism and helping out. Kids need an outlet in the summer and we are trying to have a bit of fun with the “Bats, Bees and Birds” program”

The Beaver Valley Youth Council will spend Wednesday putting together and decorating bat houses, bee boxes and bird houses with help and support from the Kootenay Community Bat project. Next week, the projects will be placed around the Beaver Valley with the help of the Fruitvale Volunteer Fire Department and its tall ladders.

There is a fun and educational activity planned every Wednesday for the summer designed to keep the youth engaged, occupied and learning.

Gallamore says the program is filling a current hole in community programming.

“There is nothing to do for the 12-to-16-year-old age group and that is who we are targeting,” she explained. “We are in a smaller community and there aren't a lot of programs offered to that age group out our way.”

Organizers also have the goal of bringing kids, who may not normally hang out together, to participate.

“I'm trying to target a bunch of different groups within that age group,” said Gallamore. “You can have the scholastic kids with the athletic kids. We are trying to find something for everybody. It is a small group and we are trying to break down those barriers.”

With the activities, such as hikes, geocaching, and movie nights, the program is hoping to bring variety to Fruitvale for the summer.

When September rolls around and school is scheduled to start, Gallamore says the program will be shaken up a bit to accommodate school schedules and new activities.

“We want to revamp it to more of a Rotary style,” she said. “It will be a youth club and there will be different aspects to it. Maybe one night we will pick up garbage, or we'll go to the senior's home and volunteer there.”

September's calendar hasn't been finalized yet, but Gallamore hopes to have the youth group activities scheduled for Friday nights.

For more information on signing up for the summer activities or even the proposed fall schedule, Gallamore says to visit their Facebook page by searching Beaver Valley Youth Council or by calling 250-367-7930.