Support events that help community grow

'Communities in Bloom has been privileged to conduct a garden contest, garden tour, and a “tea.”'

Thanks to the generosity and civic mindedness of Teck, the City of Trail via Communities in Bloom has been privileged to conduct a garden contest, garden tour, and a “tea.”

Last year the prizes were, for the first time, money. This year there is another big change. The “tea” is being recognized for what it has always been – a luncheon. The luncheon venue will be at the Local 480 facility instead of Tadanac.

Why the changes? Why this article?

Lack of participation.

As a gardener, I know that if I do not water my garden, it will not grow. If it does not grow, the garden will die.

If the garden dies, I will not have any fruits for my labour.

Why would anyone plant a seed then choose not to water it?

Why would an entire city allow a seed to die for lack of a bit of attention?

There are many very nice gardens in Trail. There are few gardeners that will enter the contest without being prodded. This year there will be no prodding. The prize money will go unclaimed.

The applications are available at City Hall. Stop by and pick one up.

There are many categories of gardening available to enter. Everything from xeroscaping to kids’ gardens to containers to vegetable gardens and about six or eight more categories are just waiting for you to claim some prize money.

The same situation is true of the luncheon. It is a very nice opportunity to just relax over some good food, a glass of wine, and visit with friends. But you have to show up first.  The tickets to the luncheon do not even cover the cost.

Teck generously underwrites that also. Attendance last year was only about 50 people.  I find it difficult to believe that only 50 people eat lunch on any random Saturday in Trail!

I do not believe that anyone in this town is a renowned world-class gardener. We are all amateurs. Do not feel intimidated. Entering is free. And I know that last year there were some very surprised winners.

But winning is not the only reason to enter.

I have met some really wonderful people (people I now consider among my best friends) by entering the garden contest. The awards night in itself is a festive, fun event.

You can buy tickets to the “tea” at Casa Di Cioccolato, Century 21, and Ye Olde Flower Shoppe.

Applications to enter the garden contest are available at City Hall.

If you love everything gardening, these are your events. Let’s support them. Seed, water, cultivate, and grow this town we all call home.

Connie Smith is an avid gardener who enjoys participating in incrEDIBLE trail and Communities in Bloom.