Both vulnerable

Both vulnerable

The takeout double

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In last week’s column, a negative double was used. If one doubles after partner has opened and the right hand opponent overcalls, it shows support for the unbid suits or an inability to bid a new suit at the two level. A new suit at the two-level shows 10 plus points except in two cases (one below and one later.)

If one doubles and only an opponent has bid, it is a takeout double asking partner to bid his longest suit. A takeout double shows three or four cards in every unbid suit and shortness in the suit doubled. Low level doubles are meant to be taken out.

East bids two diamonds which does not show 10 points because a redouble would.

South has a good enough fit in spades to bid two spades which is passed out.

The Lead: West leads the five of hearts which is the fourth best heart. He does not lead the top of the interior sequence (the ten) because that is meant for notrump.

The Finesse: Declarer wins the ace of hearts. The spade suit provides an example of a finesse. Declarer wins the opening lead and draws trump right away. He plays the two of spades to the queen. It wins if West has the king and loses if East has the king. It wins and South cashes the ace thus drawing all the trump.

The IntraFinesse: From the bidding, West is marked for the king and queen of clubs. Declarer plays a small club from dummy to the eight of clubs which forces the queen. He then runs the jack through smothering the ten which falls under the jack.

The jack holds and then he runs the nine of clubs through.

Declarer loses a diamond and a club to make four spades plus one for +650.


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