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Trail Blazers: Do you recollect the Annable tunnel?

Trail Blazers is a weekly feature in partnership with the Trail Museum and Archives
Photo: Trail Historical Society

In this week’s Trail Blazers, we head back to September 1967 where we capture work done as part of Rossland Avenue redevelopment.

Following major provincial investment in infrastructure projects like the Victoria Street Bridge and extension of Highway 3B through Glenmerry earlier in the decade, the western corridor into the city required upgrading.

Here, we see the bluffs next to the Annable tunnel blown out to reconnect the new Rossland Avenue with the highway following the removal of the train tracks a few years before. Look closely to the right and spot the retro signage for the “Ra Lyn Motel.” (Today it’s called the Ray Lyn Motel.)

As vehicular and trucking traffic increased rapidly throughout the 1960s, appropriate highway infrastructure was needed to accommodate the change in traffic flow and safety risks that the upper part of Rossland Avenue posed.

Now, Rossland Avenue branches left as traffic begins the slow climb up the hill towards Annable.

Do you remember the old highway, railway tracks, or even using the old tunnel?

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