Boys playing in flood of '48. Photo: Trail Historical Society

Trail Blazers: Making the best of it circa 1948

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“I have said it once, and I will say it again; young boys throughout the decades have never changed,” laughs Addison Oberg, collections coordinator, Trail Museum and Archives. “Here are a couple of young men keeping cool in the flood waters of one of Trail’s most dangerous and largest floods, the flood of 1948.”

The boys in the photo are holding up the flood feature printed in the Trail Times, while onlookers in a boat in the back, laugh.

“This archivist highly recommends that no one swims in flood water if it can be avoided,” added Oberg.

Like the photo from the 1961 flood featured in Trail Blazers on July 17, this picture was taken near Groutage Avenue.

For perspective this locale is near, where today, the Skywalk park ends.

Also of interest, the house in the background of this photo still stands today at the same address.

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