Photo: Trail Historical Society

Photo: Trail Historical Society

Trail Blazers: Sharp shooters sharply dressed

Check out the Trail Times later this month to meet the Trail Smoke Eaters 2020/21 Junior A roster

The Trail Smoke Eaters will soon be playing up their 60th anniversary of winning the 1961 World Hockey Championship.

This photo, however, was taken after the team played the Allan Cup finals in April 1960, but lost to the Chatham Maroons, who couldn’t afford to go to Europe.

The Smoke Eaters won their first Allan Cup in 1938 and won a trip to the 1939 World Championship, which they won.

They won another World Championship in 1961 and another Allan Cup in 1962.

The team folded on Jan. 29, 1987, a victim of the sharp drop in senior hockey popularity.

Their colours are now carried by the junior team of the same name.

Which brings the Trail Times to the matter at hand; keep an eye on the paper in November to see the 2020/21 roster of the Trail Junior Smoke Eaters.

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