“The Storm.” Photo: Trail Historical Society

“The Storm.” Photo: Trail Historical Society

Trail Blazers: ‘The Storm’

Trail Blazers is a weekly feature in partnership with the Trail Museum and Archives

This intriguing black and white photo of lightning cracking through the night sky could have been taken during the Sunday night storm.

Nevertheless this image, taken from downtown Trail facing the smelter, was actually captured on roll film from a box camera 90 to 100 years ago.

“Spring storms are starting to turn into humid summer storms and with that comes lighting,” begins Addison Oberg, Trail Museum and Archives collections coordinator. “Beautiful and dangerous, lighting most often occurs in warmer conditions. Although we have been fairly drenched in rain this spring, forest fires are always a concern with these large storms.”

This picture shows a lightning storm above then-CM&S (Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company now Teck Trail), likely taken in the 1920s or possibly the 1930s.

“To capture this shot without advanced camera technology is no easy feat,” Oberg adds. “The photographer would have had to stand in a storm — with metal equipment — waiting for the perfect moment.”

The person who took the undated photo aptly titled it, “The Storm.”

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