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Trail Blazers: When the walls came tumblin’ down

The CPR station in downtown Trail was demolished in the spring of 1965
A CPR station once stood at the corner of Cedar Avenue and Farwell Street in downtown Trail. Photo: Trail Historical Society

Do you have memories of the old CPR train station in downtown Trail?

If so, the Trail Museum and Archives would like to talk with you, whether it’s a story about Trail or of another train line that used to carry passengers through the B.C. interior to the city.

“The archival collection has very few images of this iconic and important building,” says museum manager Sarah Benson-Lord. “Staff would love to hear from you!”

This week, Trail Blazers is featuring a photo of the former train station taken on a city street 56 years ago.

“In April and May 1965, downtown Trail saw a major facelift, chiefly the removal of the old CPR train station that sat at the corner of Cedar Avenue and Farwell Street,” explains Benson-Lord.

“With the removal of the tracks a few years prior and the warp speed at which development was occurring in the mid-1960s, Trail and its council of the day embraced the sign of the times and supported all sorts of business and infrastructure development.”

After the CPR station was torn down, a new Super-Valu grocery store replaced it. This building has been updated several times over the decades and now houses the popular, both near and far, Trail Ferraro Foods.

“Other major projects occurred at the same time,” Benson-Lord said. “This included new water mains in downtown Trail, the construction of the Terra Nova Hotel, and the extension of new highway to Glenmerry bypassing Highway Drive.”

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