Trail Catholic council meets

Tuesday’s general meeting was called to order by President Teresa Mandoli at 7:00 with 26 members in attendance.

Tuesday’s general meeting was called to order by President Teresa Mandoli at 7:00 with 26 members in attendance. Members recited the League prayer.

Committee Reports:

Spiritual: Ruth Guercio assisted by Maria Burkholder, read a biography of Pope Francis.Organization:

Organization: Marjorie Nutini reported that we have 145 paid members; information on Catch the Fire workshop taking place in Pentiction on Friday April 19 and Sat. April 20 Reps from Kootenay area are needed. Contact Marjorie for further information; Canadian Tire money will be delivered to the Convention in Cranbrook. (May 2-5).

Christian Family Life: Marlise Gattafoni began with a prayer for all families, and asked members to Google the Church Awareness Project for information re: abortion or contact Marlise. She also asked members to be good examples of the faith for our families.

Community Life: Bunny Dallas spoke about a Ruth Dubois video on Forgiveness; Silver City Gardens luncheon and the need for volunteers, contact Bunny if you can help.

Communications: Elizabeth Cytra reported that the League magazine is now on line; Eternal Word Television (EWTN) Catholic programs on Shaw cable channel 137; An article in the Catholic Mountain Star December 2012 issue p.5 The Relevance of CWL by Father Rex; An article on raising awareness re: Preventing Violence; National committee re: pornography struck by Cecile Miller, National chairperson of Communications to replace C.A.S.E. more on this next month; National CWL is on Face book and Twitter.

Resolutions and Legislations: Connie Makse reported on Motion 408: That the House condemn discrimination against femal  es occurring through sex- selective pregnancy termination. Request from both National and provincial CWL to contact local MP Alex Atamanenko urging support for the right to have Motion 408 brought to the floor of the house for debate. Needs to be done before April 12, 2013 Contact information for: Alex Atamanenko Castlegar: 337 Columbia Ave. Castlegar B.C V1N 1G6 Phone  250-365-2792  Toll free  1-800-667-2393  Email: Provincial CWL delegation met with Liberal and NDP MLA’s on Feb.26 and 27 to discuss 2012 National Resolutions with specific items of concern that pertained to B.C. government was commended for regulations re: Indoor tanning beds; National CWL delegation met with Federal leaders on March 25/26. A report will be given next meeting.

Parish Activities: Linda Zol, Church fall tea: October 26, 2013 at St. Michael’s School. Other details e.g. time, prizes, food prep etc. will be discussed later.

Past president: Sandra Stajduhar explained procedure for name change: from Trail Catholic Community council to Holy Trinity Council. The simple majority vote will take place at the June meeting.

Old Business: Convention: May 2-5 in Cranbrook Deadline April 11, 2013. Funerals – Grace updated  funeral procedures at OLPH. Funerals at St. Anthony’s will remain the same until the church closes.

New Business: Our Lady of Good Counsel Luncheon Friday, April 26, members will be notified by email or phone call as to time, menu and cost.; A CWL membership gift certificate was presented to Sharon Deyotte who has completed the RCIA program; Vicki Bisaro spoke about the Citizen of the Year Reception – May 7 at St. Michael’s School.

Next general meeting Tuesday, May 7, 2013.Next executive Meeting: April 23, 2013.


A Mass will be offered for deceased CWL member Bonnie Gruden as per policy; Diocese CWL Newsletter: OLPH pictures and congratulations on our amalgamation are in it.

Vicki Bisaro spoke about the Citizen of the Year Reception – May 7 at St. Michael’s School.

OTHER: New Provincial website:; Sympathy card has been sent to CWL member Raffaella D’Andrea. A private Memorial service will held on Wednesday for her daughter; Ferraro Gift certificates: 2x$ 20 from Mary Billingsley and 4 x$20 from Marie Gazda. Thank you to Marlise Gattafoni, Ivana Rhodes and Lorrie Olsen for set up, greeting and refreshments. May meeting: Set up, greeting and refreshments: Mary Pettigrew, Marilynn Taylor and Ruth Guercio; Closing prayer: The prayer to Our Lady of Good Counsel. Meeting adjourned by president at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Next general meeting Tuesday, May 7, 2013. Next executive Meeting: April 23, 2013.