Trail weather: April showers broken up by a day of record heat

April's total amount of precipitation was 20 per cent greater than normal.

April showers have come, but they haven’t passed.

Although April was a relatively uneventful month in terms of weather, there were a few days that stood out.

The total amount of precipitation was 20 per cent greater than normal, and the heaviest rainfall of the month was 16.6 millimeters on April 25-26. But, there were three days without any sight of rain, and one big advantage.

A new record high temperature of 25.9 degrees Celsius on April 23 was a new record for the Kootenay Boundary region.

“Because we deserved it,” said Ron Lakeman at the Southeast Fire Centre, the region’s weather service provider. “Don’t you think?”

Lakeman said there was a rich high pressure in Southern B.C., which typically results in fairly clear skies and warm temperatures.

“It doesn’t really have any relevance to the other seasons,” he said. “But the next few days still look relatively cool and unsettled. They do show the potential for warmer weather on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.”

The remainder of this week will remain cool, but Lakeman is optimistic about seeing warmer weather early next week.