Casting call for innovative homeowners

A new HGTV production has its sights set on Trail for a show that explores Canada's unconventional approach to home repair.

Mountain Road Productions has its sights set on Trail for a new special that explores Canada for homeowners with eccentric and unconventional approaches to home repair.

By participating, these not-so-handy homeowners will see their creative handiwork fixed for free.

“We would ultimately love people from all across Canada and we find that digging into the smaller communities are where the best candidates will be found,” said Stephanie Beaune, Mountain Road Productions public relations assistant. “Trail is a beautiful town, which would provide a lovely background for the piece of the special.”

The new HGTV Canada Special, hosted by Steve Patterson of CBC Radio’s “The Debaters,” will be a celebration of completely unique and utterly outside the box approaches to home repair. These ingenious kooky home improvements include such feats as installing linoleum as a backslash in the kitchen, nailing roof shingles down as flooring in the foyer or using that trusty duct tape in place of caulking around the bathtub.

“Our goal is to uncover great characters with a bizarre sense of home improvement,” said Executive Producer, Tim Alp. “We are looking for houses filled with jerry-rigged solutions that are at complete odds with main stream expectations.”

Casting is currently ongoing and as of right now there is no deadline on applying. Though Mountain Road Productions would like to start filming in the late fall.

Ideal candidates for this 1-hour TV special are gregarious, fun loving people who don’t take themselves too seriously and have an aptitude for completely outrageous DIY solutions. Who says you can’t use old crutches to hold up basement stairs? Your leg healed, so why not put those crutches to good use?

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