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Children’s series combines learning and fun

The Charles Bailey Theatre has been working on bringing quality arts programs to the stage for kids and their families.

Once the lights are set, the performer is on their mark and the curtain is raised, the show begins.

At Charles Bailey Theatre, Nadine Tremblay, marketing and programming manager, has been working on bringing quality arts programs to the stage for kids and their families and now, the curtain is going up on Oct. 19 for the Teck Children’s Series.

The first show in the four-performance series comes from a group called SAM2. The group makes useable instruments from salvaged and recycled materials like exhaust hoses and artillery shells. Tremblay says kids won’t just be sitting in their seat watching the show, they will be involved in making the music.

“The kids will be going up on stage and trying out the different instruments that (SAM2) makes from the garbage,” said Tremblay.

The performance series won’t just be for kids, says Tremblay. Adults will get their fair share of fun out of the shows as well.

“There are going to be jokes that go right over the kids’ heads,” she said. “It really is going to be fun for everyone.”

Teck Trail Operations provided funding for the series and communications manager Carol Vanelli Worosz says the company jumped at the chance to help out.

“We are pleased to support the Teck Children’s Series as it offers our area’s young children and their families the opportunity to enjoy performance art that is specifically geared towards them,” she said in an email reply. “It complements our sponsorship of programs and performances suited to adult tastes that are also organized by the Trail and District Arts Council and the Trail Society for the Performing Arts, among other are arts and culture societies and organizations.”

Tremblay says providing consistent arts programming for kids isn’t just fun, it helps them develop in other areas.

“Having the arts, and there are statistics out there, creates a well-rounded kid,” she said. “It can improve performance in other parts of their lives. Performing arts is a time-honoured way of learning, knowing and expressing ourselves that all children should experience. I can’t wait for audiences around here to experience these amazing acts coming to us from as far away as Toronto.”

The SAM2 show is the first to hit the stage at the Charles Bailey Theatre, with the next program taking place on Nov. 9 for a live show from fiddler-clown-aviator Major Conrad Flapps with magic tricks, songs and physical comedy.

Tickets for the series are available at the Charles Bailey Theatre box office. Tickets sell for $20 per show, or $70 for all four performances in the series.

For more information, visit or call 250-368-9669.