Trail videographer launches award-winning ski film

Andre Nutini’s freestyle skiing video ‘Hurt So Good’on iTunes

This story has been revised with the following correction:Andre Nutini’s freestyle skiing video on iTunes was called ‘Hurt So Good.’ Nutini also worked on a movie called ‘Life Cycles’ in Rossland after he finished school at Nelson’s Selkirk College New Media program three and half years ago.

Less than one year after graduating from the digital art and new media program at Selkirk College, a 23-year-old Trail man won for best cinematography at the Nike International Freestyle Film Festival (iF3) recently in Montreal.

Local videographer Andre Nutini released the freestyle skiing video—‘Hurt So Much’—with a group of four Austrian-based skiers called Legs of Steel (LOS) on iTunes Monday, a few days after winning the award.

Nutini got involved with LOS and the project while he was still an intern on a Nelson-based biking video, and began collaborating on ‘Hurt So Much’ with only a diploma in digital art and new media in hand and no film credits.

But it was a fast ascension into the digital media ranks, one that has put his career as videographer on the radar. Initially, Legs of Steel brought him over to Austria to film one event in the film, and then right after that they talked about him making the whole movie, Nutini said.

And he did.

“It doesn’t feel like a job,” he said about his first production. “I mean, it is a lot of work, but it’s pretty cool to be able to do what you love for work, and work with your best friends.”

While LOS has already won the best cinematography award at the iF3 in Montreal, they are still waiting to hear if their other nominations will also receive awards.

In 2011, LOS won several awards and were given a school grade of ‘A’ by ‘Powder’ magazine for their work.

Although embroiled in the digital world and freestyle skiing of Europe, Nutini attributed his new lifestyle to his roots within Kootenay culture.

“Growing up in the Kootenays with the ski hill and all of the mountain biking going on, it’s like the two things I do and love the most,” Nutini said. “And I think being around there and having that as my main focus is what has allowed me to turn it into a job as well.”

On their website, all five men said ‘Hurt So Much’ was a project by skiers, for skiers, and the resounding message would ring true for anyone who has suffered for the sport they love. The website put it simply: skiing hurts so good.

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