Volkswagen documentary has Trail connection

Bravo will re-broadcast “Once More: The Story Of VIN 903847” Sunday at 9am.

There are plenty of fans of the Volkswagen Beetle and a documentary on one of those iconic vehicles has an interesting Trail connection.

The documentary “Once More: The Story Of VIN 903847” chronicles the world travels of a 1955 Beetle and its owner Wolfgang Paul Loofs.

Loofs left war-torn Germany where he lost his older brother and his sister and made his way to Trail.

Loofs worked at Cominco in Trail for a few years before embarking on a trip to the tip of South America to visit his brother.

He traveled to South America to join his brother without regard for the trials and tribulations that lay ahead.

It took over half a year to complete the journey over land and sea and began a series of round-the-world journeys.

Beginning in 1961, he traveled to Africa and Australia before touring Asia and Europe in 1966. Loofs lived in his Beetle, which was re-fitted to accommodate a cot, cooking stove and spare gasoline.

The documentary has been shown on various channels including Bravo, which will re-broadcast the half-hour episode on Sunday at 9 a.m. Check local listings.