Warm up to idea of a cool dip on New Year’s Day

All are welcom to go for a New Year's Day dip at Gyro Park for the Greater Trail Polar Bear Swim.

Chris Buckley has a recipe for a great New Year’s dip: Take a plunge into the near-freezing waters of the Columbia River.

Buckley, a corporal with the 44th Engineer Squadron, has extended an icy invitation for those who are in need of an eye opening event for New Year’s Day with the annual polar bear swim.

Nearly 150 people showed up last year for a dip, said Buckley, with almost 500 on the shore huddled near the fire. The water will be above freezing, he said, with temperatures expected to be around 6 C.

The 26th annual Greater Trail Polar Bear Swim occurs on New Year’s Day at Gyro Park, mandatory registration beginning at 10:15 a.m. until 11:50 a.m. that day.

Contact Buckley at christopher.buckley2@forces.gc.ca to register or for more information.