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West Kootenay artist receives special recognition at international exhibit

Frantisek Strouhal receives special recognition at ‘The Healing Power of Colour’ exhibit
”The Flaming Revelation,” by Frantisek Strouhal. Photo: Submitted

West Kootenay artist Frantisek Strouhal has received a special recognition award at The Healing Power of Colour International Exhibition.

“The Healing Power of Colour” is a 2023 international exhibition presented by Manhattan Arts International from May 8 to July 8.

The showcase aims to promote artists who use colour with the intention to evoke a positive impact.

Strouhal, was selected and received recognition for his artwork titled “The Flaming Revelation.”

”For many years, I have experimented with colours for health benefits,” Strouhal explains. “They have an immense influence on our actions, moods, and state of mind.

“In art, I use colours to stir emotions, evoke memories, stimulate the mind, and promote creativity: the warm colours bring out excitement and passion, and cool colours calmness and serenity.”

Director of Manhattan Arts International, Renee Phillips, emphasizes the importance of color in art for healing.

“We believe Art is an inspirational and powerful catalyst for healing individuals, society and the environment,” Phillips says. “We also acknowledge that the healing power of colour in Art is undeniable. Colour has the ability to bring healing energy, soothe our frazzled nerves, and also motivate and empower us.”

Phillips says she is honoured and delighted to present art by natural spiritual story-teller Frantisek Strouhal.

She adds, “‘The Flaming Revelation’” is an extraordinary work of art that reflects the artist’s masterful techniques and talent for story-telling with innate wisdom and clarity of vision.”

Many scientific studies have demonstrated the curative effect of colour and how it influences our behaviour, emotions, and ideas. There is a growing number of medical facilities that are acquiring artwork and view colour to be a significant factor in the healing process and a beneficial outcome on patients, personnel, and visitors.

Strouhal works out of his Mirage studio in Passmore where he spends most of his time creating new artworks and doing portraits on commission. His works are in many private collections and have been featured in many juried and invitational exhibitions internationally.

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