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West Kootenay artist works on display

Art Embracing Awareness; by Frantisek Strouhal
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Frantisek Strouhal, a West Kootenay artist who is internationally known for his powerful expressions of the human body and spirit, is exhibiting in the newly open boutique Divine Fayerie in Castlegar.

“There is an increasing amount of scientific evidence that proves art enhances brain function,” says Strouhal. “It has an impact on brain wave patterns, emotions, and the nervous system. Art can change a person’s outlook and the way they experience the world.”

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Through the medium of art, Strouhal says we always have access to the feeling of total rapture that elevates us to a different plane of consciousness increasing our moments of pleasure, peace, and harmony.

“Quite simply, the arts are invaluable to our proper functioning individually and as a society,” he said.

Strouhal’s portfolio “Art Embracing Awareness” firmly embraces the fact that all human beings regardless of their differences in appearance, position, language, behavior, and values, are entitled to live in peace just as they are.

“Peace considered as peace among people or as world peace and to any extent is only achievable when there is calm and reconciliation within each person. The external peace happens after internal peace is reached,” Strouhal shares.

“[My] visual art and writings advocate the need for a change in consciousness within each one of us.”

Divine Fayerie is a local gemstone and crystal boutique also featuring artists’ and artisans’ works from the Kootenays. Erica, the face behind Divine Fayerie, has the vision to create a healing sacred space to raise universal consciousness, bringing in divine love and light to the world through earth elements and alternative healing therapies and medicines. Divine Fayerie is an eco-friendly shop only using eco-friendly packaging.

Erica states that “it is a privilege to showcase Strouhal’s exquisite work”. His images have a surreal flavour touched with beauty, emotion, and a sincere quality that affects the heart…Essentially sensitive, his inspiration ornaments the ordinary in daily life. His works of art are composed to breed an atmosphere and mood that inspire and unravels our subconscious nature.

Everyone is welcome to experience a moment of serenity in the intimate environment of Divine Fayerie located at 648-18th St at the Castleaird Shopping Center.

About Frantisek Strouhal Fine Art

Frantisek Strouhal is a mixed media artist and poet. He is internationally renowned for his unique and original style and voice that stands on his own marked distinctly for its evocative introspection, enchanting nostalgia, and existential urgency. He is the owner of the art enterprise Mirage Studio. His mission is to assist the reader like a guide on a journey of expansion and awareness with his luminous visuals and psychologically engaging and timeless writings.

Chantal Robert is the manager of the art enterprise Mirage Studio which is received internationally in art galleries, exhibitions, and publications. Her mission is to empower and support people who are interested in improving and transforming their lives by sharing her knowledge and understanding of spiritual psychology and holistic healing.

Jakub Strouhal is a song-writer and performer living in Vancouver. Songwriting has been his main focus, but he has been experimenting with poetry and prose, and now, in collaborating with his father, Frantisek Strouhal, was given and embraced his first opportunity to develop that aspect of his craft.

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