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Works by West Kootenay artist selected for online exhibit

The exhibition can be seen at:

Internationally renowned artist, Frantisek Strouhal, was juried for the 365-online exhibition by the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA).

His figurative artwork “The Way of Being” and still life “Symphony for Unity” were selected to be part of the exhibit from May 1 to May 14.

The West Kootenay-based artist’s dreamy, ethereal visions will surely draw viewers into an enigmatic world with his beautiful images that evoke nostalgia and deep reflection.

In “The Way of Being” he shares with us how “being authentic in a relationship offers the other one the ability to transcend their limitations. It opens the door for the other person to unveil themselves … How can love be carried out if we are afraid to share our hurts and fears with one another?”

As for “Symphony for Unity,” the artwork expresses the artist’s belief that oneness is more than a concept; it’s a choice about how to act as a human being, engage with life, and harmonize our intentions and actions.

He uses innovative layering techniques and achieves many translucent tonal variations that enhance the mesmerizing impact of his artwork. As the viewer gazes at his work of art, worries and tensions of the day are left behind.

“To cope with the strains of the modern world, I try to establish within myself a haven of peace, joy, serenity, and strength,” Strouhal explains of his approach. “These are the resources that allow us to expand, progress, acquire strength, set what seems like the unreachable goals-and reach them.”

His pieces bring about an atmosphere filled with light and warmth which permeates the surroundings. They create an uncluttered and relaxing sanctuary. The pleasant scenery breathes life into the space with serenity and harmony and offers an escape from the confusion of a busy life by immersing the person in comforting colours and textures inspired by nature.

Strouhal’s art is nothing but intentional. It is spiritual and psychologically engaging.

He feels deeply connected to each piece he creates.

“It is a conscious approach to being that unites us with others in creating a brighter, more compassionate, and harmonious world.”

Regarding this art show, Strouhal mentions, “I am pleased to have been selected by the FCA jury to take part in this wonderful show.”

The mission of the Federation of Canadian Artists is to advance the knowledge and appreciation of art and culture to all Canadians.

The exhibition can be seen at: (type “Strouhal” in the search bar)

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